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Have you ever gawked at what could be the possible reason today’s world treats homosexuality as an ailment? Has it ever occurred to you if the so-called unnatural act is naturally occurring from a cycle of hormones and feelings in the body of a fellow being?

And the medical brotherhood could play a striking role in carving an unalloyed world of hope, probably in terms of mental enlightenment.

So, let’s have a look at some contemplations.

Homosexuality & Preferences – spinning into prejudices!

When you exert yourself to dot the i’s and cross the it’s not all the whimsical lessons of life are printed in the books and journals, some are mere encounters and taste of playdown events that you witness along circadian cycles of this short life.

While you buckle up and get in the race of routine life,  you stumble upon a variety of mishaps on the way – Here we need a robust mind that speaks for itself and reflects in the physiological health and being, for you to function in this mechanical biome of chaos, judgments, stereotyping, bullying and mockery, one has to focus on mental health, because it is the essence of your whole body to be as fit as a fiddle.

Your actions bring in either fruitful results or known repercussions, and maintaining mental equilibrium is the crucial part to keep yourself in sound health.

According to a very recent survey, statistics revealed almost a sizeable percentage of health issues like anxiety, social phobia, depression, mental instability are prevalent among the LGBTQ, homosexual peers, while clinically, one’s choice of being homosexual is long back erased of anything near to a disease or illness, it’s the stigma and religious beliefs that kept estranging individuals and making a hostile land of hatred for those who choose to act according to their preferences and emotions.

Bitter reality challenges the LGBTQ in the day and age:

A bunch of psychologists reported, in-addition to medical underpinnings that being looked down by peers, occasionally parental pressures, sexual orientation as a homosexual from a very tender age leads to psychological disturbances and maladaptive behavior in the individuals and expedites to suicide despite enormous amounts of medication and counselling.

Majority of students coming out as gay are time and again subjected to atypical depression as a consequence of events and bullying at schools, and the turmoil of being spotted in public places as a gay couple and the most inept way  they are being trolled on the internet leads to immense melancholy and slump that they build up within themselves, wrapped up around their thoughts, unable to bellow out, many a students are falling victims to substance abuse.

Turning up symptoms like poor body image, insomnia, disordered eating, heaviness in the arms and upper body parts are to be taken note of right away at a primeval stage and counselling them up with proper guidance, besides that indispensable support has to be provided.

Even after a oodles of laws being reinforced legally there’s still a lot discrimination happening around the corner. Meddling between the societal badgering and round the clock consults, they are being treated as pariahs. Anyhow, above all any transgender or bisexual person is a mortal being just like you and me.

Walk-on part by doctors:

One sweeping reason why homosexuality is considered a taboo is that there’s a lack of cognizance and education, people need affirmations and certainty about treating the homosexuals with one and the same respect and humanity. Being acknowledged by upskilled elites like doctors and preachers is probably going to make a far-reaching difference in the perception of homosexuality and preferences. Henceforth it’s the duty of fellow doctors and psychologists who are very well capable of understanding the hormones, the emotional skeleton and mental orientation of individuals, at least they are expected to come out and tell the whole world how being gay is not any illness and how befriending nurtures them emotionally to emerge into finer versions.

This is the point where Medical brotherhood, the kinship along with social workers were expected to work with numerous NGOs and clubs to offer health care in terms of mental health, sexual health and also social support. Because of the assorted conjugal practices just like anyone else ,the doctors shan’t look down on them and bridging the gap if there’s any, is very crucial as health is vulnerable and the scope of bias must be erased, any dubiety related to intimacy and sexual health must be attended with utmost responsibility.

Change for the better!

Making allowance for the mental health act, central and state authorities for mental health services started collaborating with the regional LGBTQ clubs for improvement of psychological assays.

Ever since the last decade, demystifying a lot of prejudices against queer pride the government has scrapped out section 377 of Indian penal code. Any sort of belittling or discrimination and humiliation can be dealt in a stern way.

Organizations like the human rights campaign, Humsafar trust, harmless hugs, queerythm are some of the most renowned groups that could offer support.

K.L.Laitinen once said, “Being asked why you’re gay is like, being asked why you were born human!”

Submerged in remorses, drifting upstream against awful pondering and shutting yourselves in a closet is never a solution.

Countless articles and every other writer penning down his/her notions, raising their voices are all only in black and white.

But eventually,

The choices you make,

The preferences you put up, must drive you to battle your toughest challenges and embrace your life with joy.

In celebration of queer pride

Let’s bawl and shout out to “be you”

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