• The article should be written based only the columns provided under the CRUX. If interested in writing any other articles, contact 
  • The article should be submitted in English with 1000 to 1500 word (can be increased depending upon the article) limit along with appropriate references.
  • A single image depicting the contents of the article along with the picture credits should be submitted.
  • A short summary of article with 50-100 words stressing on the relevant take home message, digest of the article should be submitted.
  • Author should mention his full name and a short summary about himself/herself with a picture along with the article.
  • The author should send the article to with the subject in the form of “NAME OF THE AUTHOR, THEME, NAME OF THE ARTICLE”. If the authors do not follow the above the structure, the articles will not be accepted at any cost. Plagiarism is highly unacceptable.
  • The article will be reviewed by the associate editor of SNO and sends them back with comments.
  • By making necessary changes the author should re-send the final article to
  • Students will be awarded certificates for their published works in CRUX and those with utmost interest and skills get a chance of being appointed as associate editor under SNO based on their performances.