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ALLEGORY – A column for diaries of interns

In the life of a medical student, internship has its own impact. This period marks the beginning of new sets of responsibilities and expectations. Here in this column we pluck out the dairies of interns which were memorable for the students. After pandemic, the life of interns in COVID-19 wards have been crucial with unexpected experiences, CRUX is now encouraging articles from students of medical and allied health care sciences describing their experiences combating COVID-19 in their hospitals.


Since centuries we have been surrounded by myths which often misleads us. Medical science is all about facts, facts that are proven, analysed, experimented, and performed multiple times. This column brings out the facts with the eminent evidence. the mystery or confusion surrounding an exaggerated or idealised conception of a person or thing.

Eudaimonia – Days for your wellbeing

This column serves as an important vehicle for disseminating scientific public health information on respective International health days by publishing relevant articles. We also aim to strengthen the attention of students and public on public health issues.

ERUDITIES – A column for guest authors

This column includes ingenious and innovatory authors of our epoch who have accomplished skill, talent and mastery in their respective fields sharing their panorama and helping the students to ponder.


You may be wondering why you need a column on clinical communication skills. Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. Let me explain.
Indian Medical Curriculum is on par with developed countries (like UK, USA, Canada & Australia) in its efforts to help you become expert in scientific knowledge and technical skills. The same cannot be said for its efforts to help you achieve competence in clinical communication skills. Clinical communication skills are integral for establishing and maintaining trust-worthy relationships with patients and delivering high-quality patient care— they can no longer be overlooked. The column, therefore, is expressly designed to fill in a need specific to the present day and, beyond any doubt, to the foreseeable future— a need that must be addressed. Here, you will find everything we need to know (but never learnt at Medical School) about clinical communication skills. Our intended aim is to make you “globally competent and locally responsive.”

Unlocking USMLE- The MLEE Code Way

As medical students, we often find ourselves at crossroads. Whether it is a diagnosis that baffles us or the sheer number of names that roll off our tongues as tongue twisters, we always seem a bit indecisive. However, one of our biggest choices (challenges, you could say) comes when we begin to pursue our post-graduation.
Should we stay in India and attempt NEEt-PG/NEXT? 
Should we maybe take a chance and jump on the plane and study in a foreign country? (PLAB or USMLE) 
If you decide to pursue Residency in the USA, by cracking the USMLe, then have no fear,  The CRUX – MLEE Code is here! 
Crack the Code is an online platform that helps explain the complicated process of applying for residency in simple, “human” language. Along with explaining the process itself, we make sure to come up with quirky mnemonics, interactive sessions, and much more! 
Because matching into residency is not based solely on your USMLE scores, and includes the likes of extracurriculars, volunteer work, externships, and many other things, we have recently started a podcast called Crack the Code! In this podcast, we give detailed descriptions of how to improve your CV regarding the extracurriculars and volunteering activities as well. So to say, we help aspirants develop their “oomph” factor! 
Join us on our journey to becoming medical residents in the USA! Maybe you can tag along on our journey too to make your dreams come true! 

MILESTONES – Events organised by SNO India

Student Network Organization India (SNO, India), conducts competitions while emphasising on education, creativity, and artistic approach. We encourage students by awarding the topnotch and publicising their works in CRUX


“To witness the change, we need to be the part of change”
This column aims to focus on the taboos and contentious issues which medical fraternity is following since long time. We want to bring out those hidden taboos or issues which are not in the limelight but needs to be there for a change. Writing, and highlighting such issues will impact the young minds who are studying medicine. Being the healthcare workers, it is an initiative to bring the change, From turning our voice for change in medical fraternity into words on papers, Through, this column we are not pointing or dragging faults but trying to move forward in the right direction towards the better future of healthcare. If we see not only in the outside world but here even in medical fraternity there are so many taboos, injustice, and mistreatments too.