Our Mission

SNO is an independent organising body within The Network TUFH aiming to promote student participation in processes of ultimate health care’s construction. SNO open spaces in order to strengthen students’ interests, regardless of their area of expertise, on public health issues from a local, regional and international level, through interdisciplinary collaboration between partners, with opportunities to interact with professors, peers and public health professionals currently working in their field of interest, establishing networks and surrounded by a friendly and familiar environment.



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SNO Offers

• Offers career development opportunities through integrated participation in The Network TUFH annual conferences.

• Provides students with opportunities to engage in professional and social activities to nurture a sense of community service, health advocacy, and active involvement in Local, Regional and Global issues pertaining to health.

• Facilitates connections between Universities, Organizations and students encouraging cross-collaboration on projects or internships, in a local, regional or international manner.

• Provides social networking opportunities with other students around the world.

• Stimulates student participation by encouraging every partner of The Network TUFH and Student Network Organization to bring at least 1 student at the conference.

Our Vision

Becoming an international student organization of reference for the construction of networks from an interdisciplinary point of view, based on accomplishment of the ultimate health care.

SNO-TUFH International Partners

  • GEMx
  • THEnet
  • GHWN & much more...


  • SNO is releasing its first ever national magazine under the cover CRUX – Nexus of Health Care. It is a rostrum for all the students of medical and allied health sciences. CRUX is designed to encourage students to heighten their creativity, thoughts, and contemplation onto the paper. Writing is described as far different from thinking or talking and has a deeper reflective and educative function. It enables the writer to discover thoughts and ideas which were previously unacknowledged. Every triumph, joy, disaster in a medical career is a story waiting to be written. We encourage articles in the form of self-reflection, expression of emotions, retrieving memories and also facilitate interpretation of narration. CRUX is a background platform encouraging the creative writing in medical students, a possible tool in medical education. We help to those students who are interested in writing but lack guidance and with scarcity of opportunities. Students get an opportunity to improve construction and novel writing skills and get their work published in the CRUX.

Benefits of SNO Membership

  • Recognition as a Pioneer: Global Equitable Health
  • Student Network Organization membership certificate
  • Ability to participate in the SNO-GEMX Exchange and SNO internship programs
  • Free Access to Thought Leadership Virtual Symposiums
  • Pre-Conference workshop for students Mentorship
  • 10% Discounted Annual Conference Registration Fee.
  • Employment and Internship Opportunities
  • Collaborations and Networking Opportunities
  • Student-Student Collaboration Opportunities
  • Journal Publication Opportunities & Newsletter Subscription, much more...

call for session 2020-21

We're Hiring!